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The Calli Group
This site is administered and maintained through The Calli Group, by a select few people that have extensive experience in automobiles, classic and collector cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, and and even the so called "orphan" cars. We have restored, driven, studied, researched, disassembled, re-assembled, troubleshooted, repaired, and even raced many of the automobiles built in the last 100 years or so. Because of this we have collected a vast amount of information about these vehicles as well as watching the collector car market and values change over time.

We are making this information accessible to you conveniently on-line. Our collection includes most technical specifications for autos from 1908 to the around 1980. Examples include true and rare classics such as Packard, Dusenburg, Pierce-Arrow, Franklin, Cadillac, as well as more common names such as Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, and much more. A few examples of the information we have at our disposal include torque specs, firing orders, plugs, alternator specs, brake specs, wiring diagrams, detailed early model carburator information, individual component details, and much more.

We have restored many Concours winning classics over the years and can help you even if your car will never see a car show. The last project some of our members were involved in was a 1955 one-off custom bodied Lincoln designed by the legendary Juano Paolo Boano of Turin Italy called the "Indianapolis". This car went to the Pebble Beach Concours in August of 2001 and won 1st place. It was arguably the most poular auto at the show.

We have just about all the specifications you will probably ever need to know concerning these cars. We also have the knowledge and experience to tell you what is and isn't correct for restoration purposes as well as tons of other helpful and valuable information.

Get to know us, we are just people like you that happened to get into the hobby and it turned into our life. Then this internet thing came along. With a decent working knowledge of computers and the internet and all this car experience, what better thing to do than to help the hobby by passing on this knowledge and experience through a website. And at the same time producing the most friendly, and above all, accurate resource you will find for the old car enthusiest anywhere, Which will in turn improve the quality of the entire hobby.

Our goal is to build the single most comprehensive and above all the most reliable source of information relating to old cars. We will be doing unbiased reviews, product information, and other news of relevence to the hobby. We also want to provide a forum for the automotive enthusiest to share and exchange news and ideas. In order to facilitate this we will be providing webspace and email free for members to build homepages and small sites for their vehicles. Shows and Clubs are also more than welcome to utilize this service. Our forums have always been and should remain one of the most helpful resources you can find to communicate with others across the country and around the world. Other features are kind of an "always in progress" thing, like the car spotters guide, auto trivia, how-to's, and other articles. There is so much to say on the subject that there is always more to add. We also have an extensive collection of images and will be adding to this constantly. We also highly encourage reader submissions, no matter what you think of your writing or picture taking. If you are concerned about the quality we can help you to make your stuff publishable. Just contact us! We would also encourage experts in their fields to contact us for a possible working relationship. This includes you guys that know everything there is to know about the newer cars so we can expand to that area in the future.

We think you will find our site interesting, friendly and informative. C'mon in and join us!

Copyright 2002 The Calli Group